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Lord Vampyre invites you, and all the little monsters to The Haunted House Monster Party for the most fang-tastic ride EVER! Fun for the whole family, he is going to turn the house upside down!

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My New House

Lord Vampyre loves flying and being upside down like a bat – It’s the best bit of being a Vampire! Once you and your little monsters are seated at the grand banquet table the festivities can begin. He’s going to use a fang-tastic potion to turn the house upside down! 

The Party's In Full Swing!

Where has everybody gone at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort?

They're living it up at the new Haunted House Monster Party! Don't worry everyone's invited, the party is in full swing!

Watch the video here!

Join The Party

Lord Vampyre has invited all the monsters in the neighbourhood to the Haunted House Monster Party.

Get your best monster pose ready to meet Lord Vampyre!